Plunder & Lightning: A Pirate's Life, The Musical

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes — and it ain't always what we're expectin'...

A brand new stage experience built on an original script, music, and cast that’s part rock show, part musical theater, all pirates!

A Pirate's Life cast photo

Plunder & Lightning's A Pirate's Life is a full-length musical that tests the limits of blending theater and live concert experience with its engaging story, rockin' pirate songs, and the magic of performance and puppetry. It tells the story of Johnny — a promising singer/songwriter who, after tragedy struck, followed a path to the bottom. He was a lost cause until a mysterious character sees his performance and promises to salvage his talent, though with a personal agenda in mind. The lines between reality and fantasy are blurred as Johnny descends into a pirate fantasy that puts him and his new found friends in peril. Johnny's journey to find his way back to reality pits him in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil on the high seas to control a mysterious object that has the power to shape space and time itself.


Parental guidance suggested. Show contains adult humor, sexual references/situations, alcohol/drug references, and adult language. Alcohol is available in the venue to patrons over 21 with valid ID.

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Ahoy Harrisburg: Local group’s musical brings pirates, puppets, rock and roll to the stage

February 16, 2024 | Maddie Gittens, TheBurg News

Coming to Harrisburg next month is a show that producer Jay Bowser can only describe as “guaranteed crazy time.”

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April 1, 2024 | Jessica Crowe, Broadway World

Everybody wants - or has wanted - to be a pirate. Sail a ship on the open sea. Do what you want. Live dangerously. Have adventure.”

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A Pirate’s Life: The Musical” by Plunder and Lightning

April 8, 2024 | ABC 27

A brand new stage experience coming to Harrisburg is part rock and roll, part musical theatre, and all pirates!”

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“An experience you don’t want to miss!!! You will laugh… you will cry… you will want to be a pirate! The Booty bag is a must to get the full experience! This crew has worked so hard and does NOT disappoint!”

Emily Gerlach

"A fantastic experience and show! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to have a great time, hear fantastic music, and wonderfully written songs. Definitely get a grab bag, you’ll be tossing your panties on stage with excitement."

David Cunningham

"Brilliant show! Great opening night! Your energy, your invitations to the audience to engage, the music, lyrics, script, costuming, puppetry, sets, lights and use of the whole room = fabulous! Hope y'all have just as much fun for your entire run! Can't wait to see where this goes!"

Kristin Krumanocker Pedemonti

"Great original show and songs. So much fun! Great audience too!"

Mike Peters

"I attended all four shows! Enjoyed each more than the last. Thank cast, crew and the awesome band for such a rockin time!"

Cathy Shaner

"We had SO much fun!!!! I’m so mad I could only see it once."

Jessica Schell

"No bullshit. It was fabulous. Had so much fun!👏❤️"


"I wanna be a pirate! 🏴‍☠️☠️🎶"

Fern-Marie Aames-Dempsey


Matthew Parker

(Vernard DeFoe)

Jay Bowser

(Johnny Brown)


(Sally Cuthbert)

James Mitchell


Vanessa Codorniu


Brian Silva

(Thomas Langhorne)

Jamie Kramer

(Uncle Albert)

Matt Newton

(Groggy Morgan)

Ben Chadwell

(Plum Bob)

Stephanie Shaeffer

(Tic the Rat)

Emily Murtoff

(Tack the Rat)

Amandine Pope

(Narrator, Ensemble)

Brian Koch

Bass and low end of the deep sea

Dan Comune

Percussion, hand cannons

Josiah Ferris


Jessica Crowe


Gina Wagner

Production Stage Manager

Michaela Wagner

Stage Manager

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Yo ho ho! Get ready to set sail and enjoy a taste of just a few of the original music in Plunder & Lightning's A Pirate's Life.

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